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How to write a blog post for your business

You’ve set up a blog section on your website. You’ve had a great idea for a blog post. Now what should you do? Here’s how to write a blog post for your business: 

1. Focus on one particular topic.

Once you have an idea for your blog post, firm up the idea in your mind and make bullet points of the content you’d like to include. Make sure your post isn’t too broad. If you need to, you can always break up the blog post and make it into a series.

Engage with your readers by imparting your personality into the writing. Let them know what your business is all about in an interesting way to ensure they will return to read more.

2. Decide upon a keyword or phrase.

Choose a keyword or phrase that you can use as your SEO term. It needs to be something that will be easy to search and relate to the blog post. For example, my key phrase for this blog post is, ‘how to write a blog post.’

Use the keyword as much as you can in the blog content, without it sounding strange. You can also use it in the headline, intro, image details, and meta description for an SEO boost.

3. Make the blog post easy to read.

As we all know, people lose interest very quickly when reading online. Make sure your paragraphs and sentences are short. It also helps to break up the text with subheadings so that readers can scroll to the section they want to read. Your blog post doesn’t need to be long, 300-600 words will work a treat.

4. Include good quality images.

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words. Good quality images will not only get across your point, but will also add a professional look to your blog. Make sure you add a title, caption and ‘alt’ description (for those with visual impairments).

5. Choose an eye-catching headline.

You’ll want to write a headline that will capture the attention of your customers. It doesn’t have to be click-bait, but something with a touch of drama can work well.

‘Why everyone is talking about our new vegan menu’ is much better than ‘We have a new vegan menu.’

Lists also work well, for example, “5 Tips for Successful Blog Writing.” Or try answering a customer’s question. When I think about what blog posts to write for Bloom Content Creation, I think about what my clients often ask me.

I hope that gives you some guidance and helps you to put pen to paper. If you need any more help writing a blog post for your business, drop me an email.

For more information on my blog writing services, click here. 

Written by Georgia Watson
Founder of Bloom Content Creation

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